by Thomas Bentin Works


8 Ways to be in the Nature is a participatory performance that offers a poetic, social and humouristic experience, with the aspect of collaboration at its center.

The audience gets together in an outdoor location, and guided by the performers, they collaborate in the creation of 8 moving tableaus using different colorful objects.
Each tableau is composed by following simple and easy tasks, and manifests an installation in which the performers move and dance.

The ambition of the event is to activate the audience in a creative and playful way, that is accessible for anyone independent of age and prior artistic experience.

The performance was produced as a response to the Covid19-lockdown in 2020, in order create an event that let people meet and share a social and artistic experience within safe distance from each other.

Practical information:
The performance can be adapted to different outdoor locations, and can be enjoyed by children from age 6 and adults of all ages.
The performance requires the involvement of 1 or 2 local theater students in the show, who should be available for 2 days rehearsals + performances.

Technical requirements:
1 powerful loudspeaker for outdoor use, with bluetooth or minijack entrance.
No light design.
Storage for objects.

Concept & Choreography: Thomas Bentin & Paula Meru
Production: Thomas Bentin Works

8 Ways to be in the Nature is supported by The Danish Arts Council and The Municipality of Koege, Denmark.