Thomas Bentin is a multidisciplinary stageartist, working currently as choreographer, performer and teacher in companies and art institutions around the world.

With a background in elite sports, and 11 years of martial art practice, he iniciates studies of dance at the age of 21. In the year 2000, he graduates from the School of Stage Arts in Denmark, which is caracterized by a strong investigation in the combination of dance and theatre. 

His activity as a dancer and actor has brought him to perform on an international level, giving workshops and touring all over Europe, South America and Asia. In 2011 he was nominated for the prestigious danish Reumert-award in the category Dancer of the Year, and he has participated in and created award wining performances in France, Denmark, Egypt and Chile.

He is now dividing his activities between Latin America and Europa, creating, performing and giving workshops regularly on both continents. During the last 6 years he has been based in Santiago de Chile, where he as choreographer has colaborated with the Ballet Nacional Chileno BANCH, Compañía de Danza Espiral, Elizabeth Rodríguez, Escénica en Movimiento, Plataforma Mono y Compañía de Ballet de Cámara de Valdivia. En Europa, he has performed extensively with Kaori Ito Dance, Kristjan Ingimarrson Company, Mute Comp. Physical Theatre and the danish director Petrea Soe, as well as choreographed for Black Box Dance Company.