BIG WHEEL CAFE // Kristjan Ingimarsson Company (DK)

BIG WHEEL CAFE – the place where you come to die.

How does a human life look, if it gets boiled down to a single visit to a lonely highway truck stop?

Welcome to Big Wheel Café - the place where we meet, separate and then meet again. The last stop before Death. Life begins the moment you enters, and death occurs the moment you leave the café again.

Inspired by the philosophy of reincarnation and karma, director Kristán Ingimarsson invites you inside at Big Wheel Café. The local crowd consists of: the Woman who got run over by a truck, a Dwarf with identity crisis, a Trucker with four arms and four legs and a Ninja who wants to be taken seriously. They all have dreams, histories and nightmares and they visit the café for one last battle against the power of habit.

Kristján Ingimarsson has earlier created CREATURE (2008) The Return of the Saviour (2007), My Head (2006), Blow Job (2005), The Art of Dying 2003 (Reumert nominy as Speciality of the Year), og Mike Attack 1998 (Reumert nominy as Best Cabaret). 

IDEA & DIRECTION - Kristjan Ingirmarrson

CAST - Thomas Bentin, Signe Harder, Sigrid Husjord, Paula Meru, Kristinn Theyr Magnusson

LIGHTDESIGN & SCENOGRAPHY - Adelsteinn Stefansson

SOUNDDESIGN - Runar Magnusson

KOSTUMEDESIGN - Julie Forchhammer

PHOTO - Soeren Meisner 

SUPPORT - Statens Kunstråd, Bikubenfonden, Tuborgfondet, Den Ingwersenske Fond, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Statens Kunstfond, Nordea

Forestillingen spillede på Ny Aveny Teater i København og Reykjavik Teater på Island.