by Thomas Bentin with Plataforma Mono


“Cumulonimbus” is a dark and dynamic contemporary dance performance, that choreographically explores the relation between Order and Chaos, and how the two states of being can provoke sensations of vitality, creativity, freedom, anxiety, stress, claustrofobia or estrangement in us.

The creation was born from a fascination with various contemporary phenomenons, that during the last 25 years, has been undergoing an extreme acceleration, like for example the global capitalist economy, the climate crisis and the access to and cummulation of information. Phenomenons, that behave chaotically and apparently are beyond our control, and could continue to escalate in force and momentum, resulting in unpredictable and maybe catastrofic consequences.

Cumulonimbus is characterized by using a physical language that explores territories outside the usual movement patterns seen in contemporary dance. The choreography, full of dynamic changes and contrasting textures, travels between the meditative and structured to the frenetic and chaotic and back again.

The performance has 10 young and creative dancers on stage from the newly established chilean company Plataforma Mono, and a original soundtrack created by chilean composer Santiago Farah, mixing ambient sounds and electronic compositions with classical music.

“Cumulonimbus” is a co-production between Thomas Bentin and Plataforma Mono together with Espacio Checoslovaquia en Santiago de Chile.

Premiered in January 2017, Santiago, Chile.

Open for touring.


Artistic Team

Director & Choreographer: Thomas Bentin

Original cast & creative collaborators: Javiera González, Francisca Lillo, Benjamin Marchant, Javier Muñoz, Valeska Romero, Andrés Salas, Tiera Salgado, Daniela Santibañez, Ninoska Soto, José Urrea.

Composer & Sound Design: Santiago Farah

Light Design: Miquel Saint-Lawrence

Costumes: José Urrea & Thomas Bentin

Production: José Urrea

Collaboration with Espacio Checoeslovaquia.