by Thomas Bentin WORKS

Through the Wall is a choreographed walk, about 1 km through the urban landscape, and it shows you the city from a new perspective.

The audience follow 3 performers through the city center, where cars and people moves hurriedly along or meet up to socialize or play together. The performers appears out of nowhere only to disappears again, while they explore, interacts and play with the architecture like a new dancepartner. Its a like a game of hide and seek where you never know from where the performers will show up and the action take place.

As their bodies interact with the urban elements, they bring life to otherwise anonymous or invisible places, and make you reconnect to the surroundings in new ways, feeling the shape of the architecture, the tempo and movement of the city, the softness of the body on the hard concrete, and the magnificent depth of the open spaces.

Through the Wall transports you to the Here & Now. The moment, where you take a step out of your daily routine, leaves behind what you expected to see, and starts percieving the surroundings in more detail, as if for the first time. Bodies clashes against wall, melts down stairs and rolls through grass, as you rediscover the particular beauty hidden in this accumulation of concrete, iron, bones and flesh, that we call the city.

For all audiences age 10 and up.

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiered in July 2022, at Passage Festival Elsinore, Denmark.

Open for touring.


Artistic Team

Director & Choreographer: Thomas Bentin

Cast & creative collaborators: Anette Toiviainen, Nikoline Due, Marco Rizzi, Ruth Rebekka Hansen

Artistic Consultant: Poul Laursen

Productionleader, Photographer & PR: Luna Stage

Costumes: Ane Schøtt Kjær

Sound Design: Jonas Jørgensen

Administration: Projektcentret, Dansehallerne

The performance is supported by: The Danish Arts Council, The Augustinus Foundation, The Louise-Hansen Foundation, The William Demant Foundation, Køge Municipality, Passage Festival Elsinor, Metropolis.

Special thanks to the dancers who participated in the initial research:
Mikkel Mallow, Liva Spangegaard, Thomas Smith, Emma Hornum, Frida Grant, Marie Kim Skovgaard Larsen og Ulrik Ørsnes Jansen.