by Thomas Bentin with Plataforma Mono

Cumulonimbus (meaning: from Latin, Cumulus, “Heap” or “Pile” and Nimbus,“Rainstorm”) is a heavy and menacing looking cloud, usually dark at the bottom, and of considerable vertical extent, in the form of a mountain or a huge tower. These clouds often produce heavy rainfall, lightning and thunderstorms, and other dangerous weather such as tornadoes.

CUMULONIMBUS by Thomas Bentin, is a dark and dynamic contemporary dance performance that choreographically explores the relation between Order & Chaos, and how these two conditions provoke sensations of vitality, creativity, freedom, anxiety, stress, claustrophobia or estrangement in us.

The performance is the result of a collaboration between Danish choreographer Thomas Bentin and Chilean dance company Plataforma Mono. The creation was born from a fascination with various contemporary phenomenons that during the last 25 years has been in constant acceleration, for example the Climate Crisis, the Capitalist Economy and the accumulation of and access to Digital Information. Phenomenons that have an inherent chaotic behaviour, and could possibly continue to escalate in force and momentum thus resulting in unpredictable and maybe catastrophic consequences.

Premiered in January 2017, Santiago de Chile.

Open for touring.

Artistic Team

Director & Choreographer: Thomas Bentin

Original cast & creative collaborators: Javiera González, Francisca Lillo, Benjamin Marchant, Javier Muñoz, Valeska Romero, Andrés Salas, Tiera Salgado, Daniela Santibañez, Ninoska Soto, José Urrea.

Composer & Sound Design: Santiago Farah

Light Design: Nicolás Jofré

Costumes: Mauro Muñoz

Production: José Urrea

Collaboration with Espacio Checoeslovaquia.