by Thomas Bentin for Escénica en Movimiento


Born. Born into this. Born like this.

Crawling....Walking....Running through this.

Falling in this, Smiling in this, Crying in this, Enjoying this, Fighting with this.

Dying. Dying because of this.

Happyland is a physical theatre performance directed by Thomas Bentin, for the performance collective Escénica en Movimiento from Concepción, Chile.

The performance is a playful, ironic and dynamic collage of movement and action, treating existential themes like human behaviour and interaction, and the necessity and difficulty of finding an authentic way of expressing yourself.

Happyland had its premiere en Concepción en 2012, and have toured all over Chile and parts of Brazil.

Idea & Direction: Thomas Bentin

Original cast: Marípaz Briones, Camila Contreras, Natalia Díaz, David Dinamarca, Darwin Elso

Scenography & Costumes: Thomas Bentin

Light design: Mauricio Alberto Campos Vera

Music: David Bowie, Adele, Poirier, Einsturzende Neubauten, Nino Rota, Felipe Otondo, Hot Chip, Sigur Rós

Photo: Stephanie Cabrera