MORPH // Kristjan Ingimarsson Company

MORPH is a Co-produktion between Aarhus Theatre and Kristján Ingimarsson Company in collaboration with Aarhus Cultural Capital 2017. 
MORPH is a close frisk of human behavior. Is there a new normal? And what happens when logic can’t keep up with the transformative flow of life anno 2017?
In MORPH Kristján is ready to present a radical other aesthetic expression, but still with his significant style of psysical theatre and humour in close collabotation with the skilled team below.
Premiere May 2017 at Aarhus Theatre, Denmark.
Re-premiere November 2017 at Theatre Republique, Copenhagen.
Danish Tour March-April 2019.
Concept & Direction: Kristján Ingimarsson
Set Design: Johan Koelkjaer
Artistic Consultant: Egill Palsson
Light Design: Michael Breiner
Sound Design: Kim Engelbredt
Performers: Janus Elsig, Nanna Cecilie Bang, Kristján Ingimarsson, Thomas Bentin, Kajsa  Bohlin, Julie Kunz
***** ”MORPH is an orgy of comical acrobatics bodydynamics witth a substanstive backbone: The contemporary human being is about to collapse because of his/her brainminded behaviour”, Aarhus Stiftstidende

***** ”….visually owerhelming exerience with colorful and expressive tableaux. Accomplained of an effective sound landscape. It is equal parts poetry and brutality in insane association and Ingimarsson puts the human being right in front of us without bullshit – KABOOM here you go! – With all that implies of both beauty and cruelty” Ungt Teaterblod

***** ”A sensual stomach punch, where the performers’ physical power-performance is to be exacerbated” Den 4. væg

***** ”The performance culminates so emphatically that you lose your breath”