Alongside this world there´s another. There is the place where you can cross. This other world is called Isidora, and it´s as big as ours, and in many ways it´s exactly the same. The same grass grows in the same dirt. The same birds fly in the same sky. Even the people look the same. But a major difference is that in Isidora no one can remember anything. Nobody has a name, or a house, or a family. Or you could say that everyone has the same name and the same house and the same family, a single word and a single place and a single name called Isidora. At first it might sound scary, but if you don´t remember anything, then you don´t have anything to be scared about. And, anyway, in Isidora you always have whatever it is you need. It is the island of no memories.

The performance recieved the first prize in the contest (Re)connaissance in Grenoble.

Toured: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Japan,

Choreography: Kaori Ito

Performers: Thomas Bentin, Mirka Prokesova, Kaori Ito

Dramaturge: Satoshi Kudo

Music: Guillaume Perret

Light Design: Thomas Veyssiére

Sound Technique: Louise Gibaud

Co-Production: Bureau Formart / Le Merlan Scéne Nationale de Marseille / Les Théatres de la Ville de Luxembourd / Saitama Arts Theater / Le Pacifique CDC de Grenoble

With the support of MODUL-DANCE: Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf, HELLERAU Dresden, CND Pantin