by Thomas Bentin for Compañia de Danza Espiral


The history of man is the history of constant migrations. Humanity has been on the move ever since Homo Sapiens first immigrated from Africa to the rest of the world around 70.000 years ago. And it is safe to say that the this movement is still going on.

To exist (as human or animal) involves essentialy to move, to transport yourself somewhere, to change place and sometimes to places very far from your home or your origen. The motivations for this dynamic movement are varied but implie almost always an existencial necessity. It can be for obtaining a better life, to escape war or hunger, to realize a dream or for love. Or as is the case of animals, who migrate at a specific time of year to give birth, to maintain access to food supplies or to follow specific weather conditions, which are essential for their survival.

Talking about migration you talk about a necesity to move and dynamic phenomenon´s, which are so powerful that they are capable of transforming our planet. This flow of movement is the basic inspiration and creative motor behind the performance MIGRACION.

MIGRACION was created by Thomas Bentin for 14 dancers from Compañía de Danza Espiral. The physicality of the dance explores how to transform the savage energy of migrations to expansive movement through space, playing on the limit between what is human and what is animal. MIGRACION is a dynamic and intense performance touching on themes of group contra individual, and movement generated from primitive necessity.

The soundtrack of the performance mixes contemporary electronic with global folk music from various parts of the world in a colorful and rythmbased composition.

MIGRACION premiered the 31th. July at Centro Cultural Lo Prado, Santiago de Chile, and will tour in 2016 in Chile and abroad.

Concept & Direction - Thomas Bentin

Light design - Cristian Matta

Sound design - Santiago Farah

Costumes - Rocío Espejo & Thomas Bentin

Production - Manuela Bunster/Compañía Espiral

Photo - Stephanie Cabrera & Fabián Cambero

Video - Max Hernández & José Pincheira

Cast - Eric Alcota, Martín Andrade, Gema Contreras, David Correa, Rocío Espejo, Nicolás Fuentes, Cristian Hewitt, Tatiana Martínez, Nataly Mendoza, Vicenta Pavez, Carlos Rivas, Víctor Soto, Claudia Valenzuela, Víctor Vásquez

Support - La Embajada Real de Dinamarca, Centro Cultural Lo Prado, Centro de Danza Espiral, Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano